About Us

With over 30 years in the business and 150 years combined staff experience, the William C. Pritchard Company has the expertise and experience to transform your ideas of a perfect home into reality. Each member of our team of talented designers, craftsmen and specialty artists perform a wide range of services. Skill and experience are essential to each member of our team, but the kind and attentive attitude is what sets us apart.

Throughout the design process you will meet with your project’s appointed designer. Behind that designer stands quite a support team. Your job coordinator will be your point person, giving you updates throughout the manufacturing and installation process. There are also estimators crunching the numbers, draftsmen creating the drawings, and production personnel refining your specific stains or colors.

All of these are overseen by our owner, Butch, who is constantly observing, checking and testing to be sure that the end result is a product worthy of the William C. Pritchard name.

Cabinet Hardware

William C Pritchard Company is proud to use the cabinet hardware of Berenson, Cliffside, and Top Knobs. Visit their following websites to find the perfect compliments to our cabinetry: